How often should I cut my hair?

The frequency of having your hair cut depends on the density of your hair, whether you have long or short hair, and whether your hair is being exposed to external agents such as excessive sun, heat, etc. Bearing […]

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daño casco

Can wearing a helmet damage my hair?

Using a motorbike helmet every day, for example, can cause damage to your hair especially if it is already weak and lifeless. The simple action of putting on and removing a helmet, if done in a rough manner, […]

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proteccion del cabello

Should I protect my hair from the sun?

It is necessary to protect your hair from the sun since the roots of the scalp absorbs all incindent radiation (inthis case UV radiation). Exposure to the sun leads to oxidation of the scalp and could cause weaker […]

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¿Es bueno dormir con el pelo recogido?

¿Es bueno dormir con el cabello recogido? Desde Pilopeptan, vamos a intentar resolver la duda de si es bueno dormir con el pelo suelto o recogido o bien como dirían en latino américa, ¿es bueno dormir con el […]

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Is it good to sleep with wet hair?

It is not a good idea to sleep with wet hair because if it remains damp over hours and rubs against the pillow then it doesn’t aerate and could get damaged. Although it is unlikely to become rotten, […]

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