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Qué es pilopeptan

What is Pilopeptan?

Pilopeptan is the expert brand in capillary health specialized in women to restore the good appearance and strength of hair, nails, eyelashes, and eyebrows.

We always seek maximum effectiveness through comprehensive solutions that act inside and out. The Pilopeptan range of products also includes nutritional supplements and topical products.

Pilopeptan® is a brand belonging to Laboratorio Genové, a company dedicated to the development, production, and marketing of pharmaceutical and dermo-cosmetic products.

Laboratorio Genové® S.A. has a long history and close links with the world of dermatology and continues to work closely with medical specialists.

In 1996, Pilopeptan® was born, a brand developed by experts in trichology (the study of the hair and scalp) to respond to the most common types of hair loss and to keep hair in a healthy condition.

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At Pilopeptan® we are committed to providing a comprehensive solution based on nutritional supplements that act under the surface of the skin, providing all the necessary nutrients to the hair follicle, as well as a wide range of topical care products to look after the outward appearance of the hair.

As a laboratory, we firmly believe in the power of science and that is why we guarantee the efficacy and safety of our products on the strength of clinical studies coordinated by dermatologists.

We are driven by our commitment to health and dermatology and we strive constantly to develop the best solutions to improve people’s lives.

Laboratorio Genové®, a company integrated in AC Marca, has the objective and commitment to respect the environment. For this, it has the best technology available in each of the development phases of a product, and thus reduce the environmental impact and grow in a sustainable way.

Since 2010 AC Marca has been reducing its environmental impact

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The Laboratorio Genové® S.A. factory, and all the AC Marca plants throughout the country, have obtained the Environmental Management, Quality Systems, and Health and Safety certificates. (ISO 14001:2015; ISO 9001: 2015; ISO 45001: 2018).