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Which is better: topical treatment or dietary supplements?

There are many hair-loss treatments on the market, including dietary and healthy lifestyle recommendations such as giving up smoking and indications about how to treat your hair.
There are many specific products for hair-loss. However those sold in pharmacies are specially formulated according to different needs. Among the products that treat hair loss found in pharmacies are those of topical use and dietary supplement treatments. Dietary supplements which are administered orally act systematically from the hair bulb providing nutrients that are necessary to improve hair growth. In order to improve the function of these dietary supplements there are several topical products such as shampoos, masks and hair repair serums that are specially formulated to nourish hair from the surface and provide moisture and protect hair as well as adding vitality and hydration so that it grows strongly and healthily. Therefore, by using both types of products – dietary supplements and topical use – better results can be obtained.

Tratamiento oral Pilopeptan

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